Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Introductory Post

I'm using this blog to discuss my political views. As the owner of a company, I cannot have my personal politics influence my business direction. I'll occasionally throw in some other topics to spice things up.

I've chosen to take on the moniker of "Jim Jones" - a reference to the leader of the 1970's religious group (Peoples Temple) that ended in mass suicide. While this was a horrific event, the story is a telling example of how an influential individual can control a group of people to do anything - but only those in the group who have lost their sense of individuality.

I purposely use this reference as a critique of those who do not think for themselves. The intelligent reader should recognize some cynicism and subtle cues to denote conclusions that should be challenged with individual thought.

Group think is the destroyer of civilizations.

Your daily dose of propaganda goes great with Flavor Aid.