Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gov Sanford should not resign

To resign or not to resign - that is the question for Governor Sanford.

I do not believe that politicians who have affairs or other sexual exploits (Vitter, Craig) should necessarily be forced to resign. Of course, there are some exceptions.

I do believe that a politician should consider resigning when they make a career out of family values, conservative Christian morality, or take every opportunity to blast other political figures who suffer from infidelity. The hypocrisy of such a scenario should be a testament to the integrity of the individual, and voters have every right to demand accountability.

I also believe that ethical investigations should be launch whenever politicians use their positions of power to reward/punish the individuals with which they are romantically involved with.

That said, I think Governor Sanford is profoundly troubled by this indiscretion. I think he did the right thing by reimbursing the state for his travel expenses to Argentina (where his mistress lives). And since the Governor is termed out of office, I think it would be wise for him to take the opportunity to fade from public office when his term is up and put his administrative talent to use behind the scenes. Or write a book. Or go on Fox like many other fallen Republicans.

In the meantime, we should let him and his family deal with these very serious personal and private issues.

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