Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Devolution of the Republican Party

It saddens me to see a mighty elephant flailing around. While there are many issues in which I completely disagree with the GOP, I can always say the same for the Dems.

My view of a vibrant Republic depends on strong, intelligent factions working to balance the power of competing interests in a constructive way. Unfortunately what we have with the modern day GOP is a unified mouthpiece of downright crazy distortions and dangerous ideas.

This is the party that arrogantly waved the "Country First" banner just last year, but has stopped at nothing to derail policies and destroy individuals for pure politics - the country be damned.

This is the same party that flooded evangelical churches with flag pins and yellow ribbons and other token trinkets of disengenious patriotism. "Only 'good white Christians' love America", they said with a smirk and wink. All while driving SUVs as they send someone else's kids off to die for oil and war profits.

This is the same party that is now so transparently concerned with deficits and expansion of government power with the recent memory of a rubber stamped USA Patriot Act, creation of the Dept of Homeland Security, the nationalization of airport security, and the whole sale bailouts of insurance and airline companies following 9/11.

Let's not soon forget their grossly perverted interpretations of the Constitution to justify domestic spying, death squads, mercenary forces patroling US cities, indefinate dentention facilities, torture of Americans and POWs alike, naked war profiteering for companies once run by the Bush family, Cheney, or Rumsfeld, and countless other atrocities that I pray history will soon lay bare.

This is the same party that dismantled financial regulations that were installed to keep the country safe from another Great Depression, only to put this country on the brink of financial collapse before the term of their president was even through.

This is the same party that rails on about the need to reverse the deficit as they pass glutonous tax breaks that go almost exclusively to the very rich. These tax breaks are passed even as we engage in two wars. The result was a doubling of the national debt.

So to the GOP, stop this complete nonsense about "not seeing a birth certificate." You're friggin retarded if you simply refuse to look at the stamped/signed copies provided by the state of Hawaii for distribution to the media. Stop trying to destory the president personally to score political points. What about trying to help this country? What about trying to bring new ideas to the table? What about appealing to our better angels?

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