Thursday, July 2, 2009

eDoorways Part 1 - Introduction

This article is the first in a series that analyzes a company called (EDWY). I spent some time reviewing the service and considered buying stock, but decided against the purchase for now.

Here's why:
Now I'm just some anonymous blogger posting comments from a deep, dark, undisclosed location. But don't let that fool you. The vast majority of people posting to blogs use an alias because they don't want that "knock on their door."

In real life, I have been working in the IT field for over a decade. I've earned some high level certifications as a grunt, worked my way into managing a regional IT dept for a Fortune 250 company, and currently own/operate a web based company focused on a vertical niche (completely unrelated to eDoorways). I've been asked by some angel investors in my company to analyze other start ups that hold promise.

I have no desire to trash EDWY - quite the opposite. I see things in the company that have potential for a viable site. But I also see some big land mines in their path that they're planning to step on. If you are an investor, please read my recommendations before you start commenting. There is real promise here, but you must use your leverage as an investor to effect change in the company.

All the best - Jim

Update: I'm currently an investor in EDWY. I bought in at $.0255 so that I can participate in the investor preview of the software. As of 7/9/09, I'm down a few hundred bucks. No surprise. You can bet I'll sell my initial investment as soon as the pps exceeds $.027.


Anonymous said...

What a coward. You sit there and type a bunch of smack about a company you know very little about, effectively trashing them before shareholders, or potential ones, and won't let anyone know who you are....why not? You haven't even seen the product, and likely don't know the depth and breadth of talent and financial backing eDoorways has, yet you portray the company in such a bad light, anonymously no less, to drive the price of stock down. I would bet you are hired by, or worse yet, a slimy "shorter" who profits by "borrowing" shares, selling high, trashing a company, and then re-buying the stock when the price falls, so you can "return" the borrowed shares to the poor hapless investor that never knew his broker would stoop so low, and keep the initial profit from stocks you never owned in the first place. There is likely a special place in a very hot spot for you...may you lose your shorts! Have a nice day, Ann Nonymous

Jim Jones said...

Well thanks for your comments, Anonymous Coward.

I would encourage you to make investments based on objective characteristics rather than emotional investment.

If you go to the google boards and click on my profile, you'll see the comments I've made on other boards and learn about the stocks that I've been invested in. I have nothing to hide about that.

All I can say is that I am charged by a group of investors to analyze certain companies that they wish to make long term investments in.

If you read my posts, you'll see that I fully acknowledge the short term gains that investors in EDWY will see. If your goal is to buy on Monday at around $.03/pps, I'm positive you get a great return.